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Our Work

Unique Shopping Experience

The Pin Bar is a small retailer of bespoke feather-pins. In 2021, we developed a web app that would give their customers an interactive and immersive experience in the design process. This was a hit and left customers with a memorable, positive experience.

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  • Bespoke Design
  • Interactive Interface
  • Product Design
  • User Experience Strategy
Tablet screens showing Pin Bar Screenshots

Brand-Led Design

When coming up with the design strategy for The Pin Bar, we took inspiration from the existing company aesthetics to uphold the brand's appeal and familiarity. The typography captures the brand personality, particularly with the fun script-cations that make the audience go “twit-twoo”.

Four bird icons

Effortless User Experience

The user experience caters to the fast-paced reality of retail, providing the company’s customer base with a diverse yet select range of options. The app was purposely designed to allow customers to still make a checkout when products are unavailable.

A tablet displaying the Pinbar app

Fantastic Results

Our client received excellent feedback regarding this digital product
and couldn’t have been happier with their results. They found that by offering an
alternative checkout experience, allowed them to connect with their audience on another level,
boosting overall engagement and left customers with a memorable, positive experience.

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