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Web Development

Websites are an essential brand touch point to have as part of any business strategy. Here at Innovixx we develop online experiences, personalised and tailored according to your company values. We utilise concepts, wireframes, prototypes and usability testing to ensure every project is designed with thought.

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SEO – Implement strategies for improving organic search rankings, such as keyword research, content optimization, and link building.

High Conversion – Draw in potential users and convert them into customers through effective design and attractive visuals.

First Impressions – Create a strong first impression with an aesthetic design that is easy to navigate.

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Step 01

Strategy & Research

We first analyse the business objectives for the project, the target audience, competitors, industry trends and required features. This allows our team to put together an effective website strategy.

Step 02

Design & Revision

Next, we put together the wireframes, visual designs and prototype based on the user flow and site maps generated during step 1. During this stage there will be opportunity for revisions.

Step 03


Once the design has been agreed upon, we then move into development stage. During this stage we create the website's structure and ensure all requirements of the project are met.

Step 04

Testing Functionality

With design & development complete, it is critical that we iron out any issues. This is where we user test all of our products and carefully review them before the final step.

Step 05

Finalise & Launch

Time for the grand reveal! Once the review phase is complete, the website is ready to launch and can be used to reach the organisation’s desired audience.

Aether Compliance

Our team collaborated with Aether Compliance to create a website that would match their new brand design. To increase conversion rates, we created an intuitive website with a well-organized content structure. We also incorporated modern elements to the interface, such as improved navigation and responsiveness, resulting in a polished and user-friendly experience.

Laptop displaying the Aether Compliance website


Redeswood approached us to build them a website that would highlight their services and enable their business to reach a wider audience in the Northeast area. We wanted to give them a website that would be modern with touches of natural textures and colours, that would effectively reflect the arboriculture industry that they work within.

Screen shots of the Redeswood website

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Creating an online shopping experience for customers that's second to none.


Bringing your hospitality business to the world with a dynamic, customer-friendly website.


Making your software accessible and easy to use with a cutting-edge website.


Making the world your oyster with an innovative, interactive website.


Unlocking the potential of your business through a powerful, modern website.


Making your business easier to manage with a safe, secure website.

Powerful & Versatile Technology

Frontend Frameworks, such as Next.js, are an essential part of our website development. They provide a framework that allows developers to create user interfaces faster, with higher quality and better performance. With Next.js, our developers can create advanced, interactive user interfaces with features like server-side rendering, code splitting, and route-based code splitting, all while keeping their code base as organized as possible. On the backend, Node and Express are two of the most popular frameworks for creating web applications. Node is a server-side JavaScript runtime, while Express is a web application framework. Node and Express are used together to create web applications quickly and efficiently. Finally, Payload CMS is a fully coded content management system that provides an easy-to-use interface for managing a website’s content. It provides an intuitive interface for content editors, allowing them to quickly create, edit, and delete content and pages. Payload CMS also integrates with a variety of other tools, providing a powerful and comprehensive way to manage website content.

  • Frontend Frameworks (Next JS)
  • Backend Frameworks (Node, Express)
  • CMS (Payload CMS)

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With our expertise and experience, we are committed to helping you create a website that can help your business reach its maximum potential.

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