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Our Work

Designed For Beauty Lovers

SOS Beauty collaborated with Innovixx to bring their digital vision to life. We designed a mobile app with the aim to connect beauticians and clients, providing both users with a smooth experience. Through a process of wireframing and prototyping, the design was successfully handed over to our client’s development team to build. This bold and eye-catching design is sure to make an impact in the beauty industry.

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  • UI/UX
  • Design Only Project
Two floating mobile displaying the SOS Beauty app
Three feature cards from the mobile app

Tailored Experience

From developing the strategy to designing the UI, we wanted to guarantee that users would have a seamless experience. In close collaboration with the client, we explored multiple user flows to form the solution that would best engage the prospective user.

Navigate With Ease

The complexity of this app meant that it was vital we got the navigation right from the beginning. After meeting with the client to discuss and perfect the user flow, we were ready to begin wire framing the app. We then brought the design to life by prototyping in Adobe XD, to give the client a better idea of how the user flow would work.

Two screenshots of the SOS Mobile app

Functional Features

The app has many great features that meet the goal of helping beauty businesses grow their client base and for clients to easily seek available appointments. Clients can make a request through an easy-to-use form, intended to make finding the right beautician easy. Beauticians can even advertise any special offers they might have or cancellations that they would like to fill.

Three mobiles displaying an app

Feminine & Bold

The UI makes use of the brand's vibrant colour palette, utilizing the eye-catching pink for the call to actions. The use of the sans-serif typeface – Roboto, gives the app a modern and bold feel, creating a sense of professionalism that is balanced by the softly rounded design elements that generate a feminine feel. Each choice, for the mobile app, was made with the intent of making an impact in the beauty industry.

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